Yorkshire Shooting Academy Safety, Maintenance & Fieldcraft Course

This course is a collaboration between three Nra / Cpsa & Dsc approved Firearm & Shotgun Instructors –
Yorkshire shooting Academy operates over the West & North Yorkshire areas , Based in Ripon,
Ray G, Allan E & Andrew D  each have considerable experience and knowledge of shotguns and firearms – both theory-based and  practically in the field. Let them show you how to safely and effectively use both shotguns and firearms in either a work or recreational environment.
The attraction of the  courses are two-fold. Firstly, they are all Nationally recognised training qualifications, recognised by both employers and the Police. Secondly, they are remarkably practical and ‘hands-on’, ensuring your quality of training is both theoretically sound and practically assessed.
Our most popular course is the Fac safety awareness & maintenance For both Health & Safety and insurance reasons, this course ensures the assistant to a Gun, practicing range & field work , as well as all quarry & range use.is fully practically trained in their role to a recognized by Nsra & Cpsa. Many shooting Estates require their hunting/ culling/ shooting teams to be qualified to recognized standards, ensuring the loader is insured whilst participating in their role.
Some Police Forces may wish to see some evidence of correct training and assessment before the issue of a shotgun or firearm licence. Let us offer you this training, as firearms legislation continues to tighten in the UK.
Firearms Use & Preliminary Safety (Shotgun/ fac) – Level 1
Firearms (Fac)  & Shotguns are classed as firearms, and can be used recreationally or within a work based role. It is essential that they are used safely and responsibly, and it is important that you are aware of all of safety rules and regulations that accompany the use of them.
Our Level 1 Firearms Use and Preliminary Safety (Shotgun/ Fac) course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding so that you can use a shotgun confidently and most importantly, safely.
Who the course is for:
Our one day Level 1 course in Preliminary Safety (Shotgun/ Fac) is available to you if you have little or no previous knowledge of using a rifle (fac ) or  shotgun. Once you have completed this training course you may progress to clay shooting or on the target range with live quarry forms of shooting either recreationally or linked to a work role requirement.
You must be 16 or over in order to register for this course.

Course Content

  • Explain the function of a modern rifle or shotgun.
  • Explain the function of a modern cartridge.
  • Understand current legislation regarding rifle or shotgun use.
  • Perform appropriate rifle or shotgun cleaning and routine maintenance procedures.
  • Understand health and safety considerations relating to fac / shotgun use.
  • Provide formative skills foundation in the safe handling of a rifle or shotgun and its use.
  • Store and transport rifles & shotguns correctly and safely.
  • Appreciate the role shooting sports play in the rural economy.
  • The cost £179.00

Course sessions:

  • The shotgun / The Rifle
  • The shotgun cartridge / the rifle cartridge
  • Legislation and the use of rifles & shotguns
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Basic health and safety and shotgun use
  • Shotgun – safe handling and use (practical)
  • The storage and transportation of shotguns
  • The benefits of shooting sports
  • Successful course applicants receive a certificate of accomplishment
  • Breaks for refreshments are included.
If you wish to enrol on the course , please use our contact page
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