Target Shooting and Range Days

Target shooting is a sport and shooting discipline in its own right. When most people take up shooting as a hobby, it is usually about trying new rifles or calibres on targets. But overtime, the challenge becomes that of making one shot count whether in a competition or out in the field.

Spending time on the range helps shooters to achieve a consistent level of accuracy, over various distances and in different weather conditions, this is also one of the primary components of hunting.

Achieving a high level of proficiency and marksmanship involves spending many hours on the range. Sometimes it can begin to feel repetitive, but there are no shortcuts, it really is case of “practice makes perfect”.

Simply spending time shooting holes in paper targets is fine for becoming accustomed to a rifle’s capabilities, but when consistent accuracy is not being achieved many shooters tend to blame equipment or ammunition rather than themselves. More often than not, issues relating to accuracy can be attributed to the shooter.

When a shot goes adrift they do not look at themselves, but look elsewhere, the same scenario also occurs in many other sports.

Professional coaching and instruction at our shooting range in North Yorkshire

Yorkshire Shooting Academy 300 yard Shooting Range in North Yorkshire
Yorkshire Shooting Academy have our own private 25-300 yards shooting range in North Yorkshire which is suitable for all rifles from sub 12ft lbs air rifles to a maximum .30 calibre.

Here at Yorkshire Shooting Academy (YSA) we offer professional instruction and coaching to both members and non-members alike. We cover all aspects of firearms safety to the high standards recognised National Rifle Association.

YSA provides firearm training and instruction as well as more advanced coaching to novice and new shooters as well as hunters, stalkers, target shooters and professionals sportsmen and women. Run by qualified National Rifle Association staff. We have a combined 60 years plus experience in firearms training and providing safe shooting solutions to our clients. Coaching and instruction is available on a one to one basis, group sessions can also be arranged.

Progressing from paper targets to live quarry

Regardless of how experienced you are, engaging long distance targets on the range is never the same as hunting. Taking advantage of range days is a great opportunity to push ourselves further. As shooters, we all enjoy spending a day at the range. Taking on multiple targets at random and varying distances; mapping out the capability of your gun’s trajectory. Such knowledge is a valuable asset when out in the field. However, understanding both your own and your rifles’ capabilities and limitations is of paramount importance when engaging live quarry.

Yorkshire Shooting Academy aim to achieve a high standard of marksmanship in all our members prior to them being released into the field.

We host regular events at our target shooting range in North Yorkshire throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.